ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Recorded October 29, 2020

A Bold Rethinking of the Educational Enterprise

Jim Catanzaro

Dr. Jim Catanzaro
Executive Director, HERDI - South

Damon Vangelis

Damon Vangelis
Founder & CEO, Ocelot

This is Part 2 of 2 in the Community College Leadership Series: Scaling Student Success Through Technology & Innovation. Part 1 can be accessed here.

Access and student success are the hallmarks of American community colleges. They also present ongoing challenges. Meeting each institution’s goals in a time of pandemic and budget shortfalls will require bold new leadership approaches.

In Part 2 of our Community College Leadership Series we sit with Dr. Jim Catanzaro, community college president for nearly four decades and Director of the Higher Education Research and Development Institute for the South, as he offers perspectives from 20,000 feet up and from inside the C-Suite.

The discussion unpacks the strategic imperatives for community colleges and highlights the innovative technologies being used across the country.

Thanks to Mark Butland (Kirkwood Community College), Michael Bennett (St. Petersburg College), and Melissa Curtis (Austin Community College) for their special contributions!

"This ongoing scramble is producing a number of innovative practices, for some, revolutionary – in the way they recruit students, onboard them, house and feed them, even teach, advise, counsel and test them."

Dr. Jim Catanzaro

Executive Director, HERDI - South

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