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Going Virtual With Student Services

Ozzie the Ocelot

The virtual student services office is here. Get the playbook.

Download this playbook to learn how Financial Aid Director Mia Mwango at Santa Fe College is using AI chatbots, videos, and other online tools to provide students a fully virtual experience. Broaden access, support self-service 24/7/365, and improve outcomes.

This how-to guide contains the:

  • Six components of Mia's virtual student service office
  • Challenges and maintenance required to keep it going
  • Benefits and student reaction now that the virtual office is operational

"Your product is a lifesaver. I am truly grateful for the partnership."

Kamia "Mia" Mwango
Director, Santa Fe College

Text Campaigns

Proactively nudge students through the student lifecycle on a device with a 98% open rate.

AI Chatbot + Live Chat

Transform office hours from 9-5 to 24/7 on any device so students get the help they need to be successful.

Preloaded Content

Answer questions before they’re even asked with text and video responses across 20+ departments.

AI Workflow

Benefit from AI Conversational Design experts and the largest network of AI interactions in higher education.

Insights + Analytics

Gain insight on student behavior, responses, and preferences that improves your student engagement approach.

Ecosystem Integrations

Connect with SIS, CRM, and other platforms to deliver personalized advising and student-specific experiences.