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How the Student Engagement Flywheel Increases Enrollment & Retention

Student engagement is a two-way street. Schools need a way to engage students and students need a way to engage schools.

Wondering how to make this happen? The Student Engagement Flywheel can help your institution strategically implement a 360 degree approach to student engagement, empowering your college and university to serve and support students proactively

This infographic highlights:

  • The four key ingredients of The Student Engagement Flywheel
  • The tools and technology that are a leading means to accelerate the flywheel 
  • How the combination of the above ensures no one falls through the cracks

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"Students are getting what they need—they are less stressed. Staff are able to focus. Answers are consistent and right. This product is a revenue generator—it drives enrollment and retention."

Micahel Bennett
AVP, St. Petersburg College

"Seriously, I have done quite a few things as VP since I've been there the last 5.5 years...I have never gotten more positive feedback than what we're doing with this artificial intelligence."

Dr. Lloyd Holmes
President, De Anza College

"In this enrollment environment you can't afford not to do this."

Brian Jones
Director of Admissions, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Text Campaigns 1
Text Campaigns

Proactively nudge students through the student lifecycle on a device with a 98% open rate.

AI Chatbot 1
AI Chatbot + Live Chat

Transform office hours from 9-5 to 24/7 on any device so students get the help they need to be successful.

Preloaded Content

Answer questions before they’re even asked with text and video responses across 20+ departments.

AI Workflow

Benefit from AI Conversational Design experts and the largest network of AI interactions in higher education.

Insights + Analytics

Gain insight on student behavior, responses, and preferences that improves your student engagement approach.

Ecosystem Integrations

Connect with SIS, CRM, and other platforms to deliver personalized advising and student-specific experiences.