Recorded: September 17, 2020

Please note an alternative session was also held September 23, 2020.

Fall semester for most schools falls somewhere on the in-person-to-fully-remote spectrum of campus life and operations. Regardless of where you fall, what’s clear is that technology will be a driving force in serving students.

Across admissions, advising, financial aid, student services and IT, campus communities will need to find new ways to answer questions and stay connected with both colleagues and students. Chatbots, live chat, text messaging services, and video screen shares are impactful and increasingly popular solutions and SUNY schools are leading the way.

Learn how your New York colleagues are using these tools to increase engagement with students, while giving resource-constrained staff more time to focus on processing and students who need 1:1 assistance.

Facilitators and Panelists:

  • Meghan Fouracre, Student Financial Services, Ithaca College
  • Kristen Vella, Student Data Systems, Upstate Medical University
  • Doug Miller, Student Services, Monroe Community College
  • Paul Burke, School Partnerships, Ocelot
  • Shannon Sheaff, School Partnerships, Ocelot